Recommit to working ON your business through highly interactive strategy sessions, educational workshops, panels, and one-to-one coaching sessions, all designed to give you instant feedback from our network of instructors and business experts.




The educational workshops will follow 4 program tracks:


General Sessions

Keynote Speaker - Antonio Doss, U.S. Small Business Administration

Mr. Doss will share insight into the importance of collaborating across the Interise network - particularly partnering for contracts. He will also moderate a panel on procurement, with panelists representing state, federal, anchor, and corporate procurement.

Antonio Doss
What Is Your Superpower? - Tim Kerin, Learning Lessons in Business Inc.

Are you different enough to make a difference? Four factors that can make you different are:

  • Delivering your message
  • Connecting personally
  • Building a brand
  • Becoming an expert

We'll kick off our Summit programming with an engaging, interactive session to help you identify what makes you different - your superpower!

Tim Kerin - photo

Marketing & Sales

Breathing Life into Your Brand - Orlando Espinosa, Emineo Media

This is an inspirational and interactive workshop designed to help you create a successful brand strategy. Building your brand is often an intangible aspect of running your business, but it is vitally important! Branding is the reason customers pay twice as much for one product over another. Building a strong brand will help you stand out, communicate your brand message, reach your target audiences more effectively and transform your business. During the workshop, we will, review current brands and their meaning, why specific colors and fonts are chosen and what a brand means in other languages. We will offer simple, practical tips on defining and building a strong brand. And, by the end of this fun and interactive brand workshop, you will all come away with a much better understanding of how to make your brand work for your business.

Orlando Espinosa - photo

Increase Sales and Profits - Orlando Espinosa, Emineo Media
Orlando Espinosa - photo

The sales process is based on three components: product, price and salesperson. Once product and price are set, it’s the salesperson who makes the difference. The very best salespeople aren’t always the slickest talkers — they’re actually the most effective listeners. Every salesperson – novice or veteran – should be able to add value to every interaction. Without a clear strategy, even experienced salespeople may in time skim over important components of the sales process or miss them altogether. Sales are lost and the salesperson loses motivation. If your sales team doesn’t know your product front to back, even the best listeners will fall short in closing a sale. Salespeople need to understand product details to boost their confidence when selling, especially new recruits. Providing reassurance to your sales team through recognition instills confidence and fosters natural skills in the sales arena. Couple that with frequent, flexible, and manageable product education and field training, and you’ll take your team from great listeners to selling superstars. Your sales people will improve their skills and gain satisfaction, and you will see your profits grow!

Are You Ready For a Crisis? - Holly Carter, Carter & Co. Communications, Inc.

In today’s digitally-fueled world, the tiny spark of a crisis can erupt into a massive fire overnight – damaging corporate brands and reputations. Even the best-intentioned crisis plans can’t withstand the ferocity of a digitally-driven crisis. Are you prepared to deal with the media when they show up at your door in the midst of a crisis? It isn't if, but when a crisis will occur. This workshop will empower and equip you to not only survive, but thrive when a crisis hits.

Holly Carter - photo

Generating Leads on LinkedIn - Marc Carroll, Carroll Communications Group
Marc - Headshot pic 5

LinkedIn has more than 467 million users but most business owners don't know how to harness the potential of their connections. This workshop will help you learn how you can turn LinkedIn into a lead generation machine. You'll learn the best way to connect with a prospect, generate qualified leads through LinkedIn groups and get the appointments that will grow your business.

Lean Launch Methodology for Small Business Owners - Gene Wright, Wright Innovation, Inc.

Many of you complete the Interise program with sights set on diversification through introducing new products or services. This workshop will teach you the principles of Lean Launch (Customer Discovery Process, Product-Market Fit) using the Business Model Canvas tool as a way to improve new product (service) introduction success.

Gene Wright
Lean Launch Methodology for Small Business Owners - Gil Lantini, Integrated Media Group

Facebook offers a variety of cost effective ways to advertise your business, products, and services. The question is, which one is going to work best based on your business goals? And once you decide to start running your ads, are they optimized for top performace? In this session, you'll learn how to dramatically improve the effectiveness, reach, and ROI of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Gil Lantini

Finance & Growth

Leverage Your M/WBE Certification - Jean Kristensen, Jean Kristensen Associates, LLC

This workshop will help you identify new opportunities and channels to perform work as a certified minority or woman-owned business, or as a member of a preferred local group. You will learn details on how large customers work with MWL firms and define their goals for MWL services. We will share tips on identifying areas where goods or services are needed by the large organization, as well as additional strategies for growing your business with a large organization, where you may have a small footprint.

Jean Kristensen - photo

Finding Your North Star - Hugh Connelly, Independent Retirement Advisors, LLC

This interactive workshop will help business owners understand the importance of identifying their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and narrow the metrics down to the one key overall metric from which all performance stems. This is called the North Star. Once you identify your company’s North Star, it become much easier to communicate this performance metric to your employees so that everyone is properly focused on the number one key metric.


Marketing to the Government - Jean Kristensen, Jean Kristensen Associates, LLC
Jean Kristensen - photo

This workshop will provide an overview of opportunities that are available to small businesses through government contracting. We will cover:

  • Requirements for registration
  • Obtaining DUNS number/SAM Registration
  • How to Identify Opportunities
  • Strategies for Marketing to the Government


Effective Systems That Lead to Better Management - Ralph Little, Little & Company

As your business grows, systems are the key to better management and outcomes. Many business owners are ready to delegate and focus on their big vision but find themselves getting sucked back in to the day-to-day management of their business. In this session, you will learn how systems can support you in achieving what Ralph Little calls "beach management." What needs to be put in place to be able to run your business from the beach?


Alternative Financing Panel: When Borrowing From a Bank Is Not an Option.
Moderator: John Huggins, President and COO, Last Mile Broadband of Maryland, LLC.

Learn about alternative financing options and new financing products outside of traditional small business loans. Hear from service providers about the products they offer and which ones are best for your growing business.
Panelists: Matt Stavish, Vice President, Republic Capital Access; Shelly Gross-Wade, President & CEO, FSC First; Janice Stucke, Loan & Technical Assistance Officer, Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF); Carla Fallone, CEO of Fallone Business Resources and New Jersey Interise Instructor


Small Business and The Law - Nicole Cober, Cober, Johnson, and Romney

There are so many ways that attorneys counsel small businesses during the start up and expansion phases. This session with Nicole Cober, Esq. will take the small business owner on a journey through the areas where effective counsel is essential: incorporation, employment, intellectual property, advertising law, litigation, real estate, contract and partnership agreements, and the list go on. Cober will not only discuss topics that you should seek counsel for, she will also discuss best practices for communicating effectively with counsel, how to hire and assessing when you need full time staff within your counsel.

Nicole Cober - photo

Strategic Leadership

Leading On Purpose - Marty Shea, K2 Business Coaching

What qualities stand out in great leaders? Do you know where your company is going and how you are going to get there? What will you as an organization stand for on that journey? What is your Vision for the organization? You as a leader may have it, but your organization may not have caught it. If a leader's vision is all about what could be and what should be, why are you buried under what is? This workshop will help you understand how to effectively deliver your vision to your organization and lead in a way that encourages your team to embody it, too.

Marty Shea - picture

Building High Performance Teams - Marty Shea, K2 Business Coaching
Marty Shea - picture

Hiring a staff is not the same as developing a team. TEAM requires something beyond a job description, office products and a paycheck. For those content to manage the status quo, employees will do. But for the leader who is consumed to scale his or her enterprise to a higher level, TEAM is absolutely necessary.

7 Behaviors Entrepreneurs Practice Daily - Rita Ricks, Rita Ricks, LLC

Historically, business owners are so laser focused on their business, they neglect their personal health and wellbeing, their families and friends and other interests. This workshop will inspire you to re-imagine your goals, respond to your personal growth and activate your personal life plan!

Rita Ricks - photo

Time Management Mastery - Gail Zelitzky, Gearshift
Gail Zelitzky - photo

Are you feeling burnt out and stressed because there's too much work to complete and not enough hours in the day to get it done? Do you feel like you're ALWAYS battling the clock and exhausted from working 50, 60, 70 and, often, 80 hours each week?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, you're far from alone. Taming time does not come naturally to most people. You CAN, however, master time and control your days versus having your days constantly control you. You simply need the right strategies in place and learn how to implement them to completely change your relationship with time. The world's most successful people don't have more hours in the day than you... they simply understand how to leverage the time they have. And, you can too.

Transferring Company Culture Through Storytelling - Lin O'Neill, Futures Consulting

One of the hardest assignments any business owner faces is ensuring that, as their successful company grows, the willingness to do “whatever it takes” and genuine affection for the vision stays alive and well among the organization. This is what I term “Culture Transference.”

This interactive session conveys the easy-to-adapt action steps business owners can use for culture continuation in their businesses.


Creating Intentional Culture - Mary Marshall, Marshall Advisors, LLC

Culture is the daily demonstration of your company’s values. Creating a values statement can be a waste of time if you don’t take the additional step of reinforcing your values at every level of your organization, thus creating an Intentional Culture.

Having an Intentional Culture is often the difference between success and failure, as companies with aligned Intentional Cultures consistently achieve their goals, have much higher employee satisfaction rates, and an easier time attracting top talent.

In this engaging workshop, Mary will guide you through the leader’s role in the development of Intentional Culture.


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