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Entrepreneurial with a passion for developing leaders, Marty Shea started his business path over 30 years by ago co-founding a single unit restaurant in San Francisco. With its niche in the Fast Casual sector of the industry, Specialty’s Inc. now operates over 60 restaurants up and down the West Coast and Chicago and continues in full expansion mode. Marty exited his business and turned it over to his management team in 2008 to further pursue personal development and to spend time with his family. Marty remained active in his business in an advisory capacity until the eventual acquisition of the business in 2016. At this stage of his professional life, he ultimately strives to become significant in others’ personal and professional growth.

Currently, as the founder and principle of K2 Business Coaching, Marty’s Executive Coaching practice has served those in both profit and non-profit sectors since 2011. He coaches and mentors CEOs and their executive management teams as well as those in small businesses, including the start-up phase. Marty’s mission is to “come alongside Marketplace Leaders to attain Profitability for their business and Margin for their lives. Marty brings energy, enthusiasm, and accountability to his coaching clients. He is a true believer in constant personal development and self-belief, which he demands from himself and his clients alike.

In his spare time, Marty has the opportunity to give back to the business community by educating, training and motivating entrepreneurs in leadership and business development, where he serves as a lead instructor for the Southern California SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative. In addition, he also serves as an Instructor Support Coach for the initiative where he trains and mentors Emerging Leaders Instructors throughout the United States. In 2015 Marty was awarded the Emerging Leaders 2015 Instructor Of The Year.

Marty lives in Temecula, CA and is happily married to his wife Reshmie. He has three amazing children: Priya, and twins Zachary and Maya. Marty is an avid runner, cyclist and hiker who has completed marathons and ultra-marathons in addition to scaling mountains in the US, India, Nepal and South America. Contact Marty Shea at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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