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Every year since 2004, we have used a set of social and economic indicators to evaluate our entrepreneurs across the country. We use this data to evaluate our effectiveness promoting small businesses and energizing job creation in low- to moderate-income communities. If our business owners are successful, we’re doing our job.

2014 was our
biggest year yet.

As we enter our third phase of scaling, our network has grown stronger than ever, with over 3,500 small businesses in the Interies Network. This last year, Interise small businesses created jobs at 8x the rate of the private sector. Download our latest Impact Report:

  2014 Results

"The program not only offered an educational platform of proven metrics, it also provided a 'real life' element which allowed all entrepreneurs to discuss and share trial and successes in each environment."
Derek White, Manager
Native Technology Solutions

In the real world, quality and quantity both matter.

Early in the process, we scrutinize potential applicants and instructors for quality and fit. Over the course of the program, we conduct session-by-session evaluations. Our commitment to evaluation culminates in an annual national survey of current and past entrepreneurs. We want to understand how their businesses are doing, what works, and evolving challenges to take into consideration. Our Impact Report compiles the results, enabling us to measure the social and economic impact of our programs and inform our work going forward.

Despite tough economic times, many of our small business owners reported their strongest year to date.

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