Our Mission and Values

Interise stimulates economic revitalization in lower income communities. We provide a diverse group of small business owners with entrepreneurial education, new networks, and access to markets. Our community creates jobs, grows businesses, and develops community leaders.

Respect and Integrity

  • Embrace diversity
  • Collaborate
  • Trust and be trustworthy
  • Appreciate

Continuous Learning and Improvement

  • Focus on mission and impact
  • Create connectedness
  • Approach new ideas eagerly and with curiosity
  • Deliver and evaluate programming efficiently, effectively, and transparently

Grit and Vibrancy

  • Engage
  • Think creatively and with flair
  • Preserve with resiliency
  • Celebrate with success and laugh

Keep In Touch

 Interise Offices

  info (@) interise.org
  (617) 350-6300
  197 Portland Street, 2nd Floor
     Boston, MA 02114

 Interise Connect Help Desk

  helpdesk (@) interise.org
  (413) 429-4265


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Upcoming Events

Join us for thrive! on October, 23 in Boston, MA! Each year we come together to recognize excellence in growth, local leadership, and class engagement. CELEBRATE OUR SUCCESS!

Recent News/Happenings

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