Communities Across the US

Since 2004, Interise has grown from one community in Boston to 60+ nationwide

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Small Businesses

91% of participants are people of color, women, immigrants, or operate a business in a lower income community

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New and Retained Jobs

In 2013, Interise businesses created jobs at 5X the rate of the private sector.*
*US Bureau of Labor

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Increase in Revenue

In 2013, participants increased their annual revenues by an average of 40%

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You own a small business.

You have experience, ideas, and ambition. But you are also caught up in so many details of running your own company that you haven’t been able to focus on the big picture and how to build on your success.

That’s where Interise comes in.

Interise is an award-winning nonprofit organization that helps existing small business owners develop their companies. The small employers who work with us have the potential for growth; we help them get to the next level. Through our StreetWise Steps™ curriculum, we give a diverse group of entrepreneurs an opportunity to hone their management skills and make the right connections—because when small business thrives, communities become resilient.


As a leader in your community you have identified the need to strengthen small business and grow local jobs. But you are looking for a solution.

Interise is your solution.

Interise provides existing small business owners with access to an effective curriculum that combines executive education and practical advice, leading to new and sustained growth.

We have twice won the Small Business Administration's competitive bid to be the Emerging Leaders training and curriculum provider in 27 communities across the country (including both Urban and Native American cities). In addition, we partner with over 12 institutional organizations across the US and Bermuda to bring the StreetWise Steps™ curriculum to the local small businesses within their communities.


As Interise celebrates ten years of building resilient communities, we need your support more than ever. Small businesses are the engine of our economy and a driving force for jobs in lower-income communities. Today our country’s small businesses employ half of the private sector workforce.

Over the next three years, we will:

  • Serve an additional 2,300 small business owners in over 25 additional cities.
  • Broker procurement partnerships between anchor institutions and the local small employers in their communities, harnessing the local job creation power of both.
  • Draw from the experience of our 2,100+ members to produce additional research on small business resilience that will inform private sector and government policy.

Click here to see our 2014-2016 Business Plan Executive Summary

Get Involved

At Interise, we’re passionate about small business, community, and connections. Our Private Sector Network (PSN) of volunteer business experts provides access to the professional networks entrepreneurs need to grow their businesses.

Our volunteers attend class as guest experts, host seminars, provide mentoring, and act as panelists at the Strategic Growth Action Plan™ presentations. In addition, PSN members connect participants to resources locally and across our network. With 100+ members, our PSN connects our small business owners with expertise in accounting, banking /small-business lending, finances, human resources, law, manufacturing, marketing, public relations, real estate, sales, and technology.

Interise volunteers profoundly impact our program. A connection to dedicated and knowledgeable business experts is consistently cited as one of the most valuable aspects of our program. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities and commitments available.




Keep In Touch

 Interise Offices

  info (@) interise.org
  (617) 350-6300
  197 Portland Street, 2nd Floor
     Boston, MA 02114

 Interise Connect Help Desk

  helpdesk (@) interise.org
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Upcoming Events

Join us for thrive! on October, 23 in Boston, MA! Each year we come together to recognize excellence in growth, local leadership, and class engagement. CELEBRATE OUR SUCCESS!

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