There are statistics, and then there are people. Beyond evaluating data, we want to know how participants view the program and what it has done for them.

What do we keep hearing? That the program’s collaborative, hands-on approach and focus on developing feasible, actionable growth plans for each participant’s company is vital. It’s not learning in a bubble—it’s getting information and strategies that are immediately useful, in the company of people who understand what you are going through.

Here’s a glimpse of what StreetWise 'MBA'™ participants have to say:

  • “Interise has given me the tools to take my practical experience and become a better leader.” Lucy Dearborn, lucia lighting & design, 2011 Boston
  • "Every week, we have received useful tool and information we can apply directly to our business. I highly recommend Interise to any small business owner looking to define and realize their goals!"  Victoria Merriman, Digital Loom, 2011 Boston
  • "It was one of the best growing experiences for me and my company." Marlon Rollins, Rollins Construction Services, Inc., Dallas 2010
  • "The program not only offered an educational platform of a proven metrics, it also provided a “real life” element which allowed all entrepreneurs to discuss and share trials and successes in each environment."  Derek E. White, Native Technology Solutions, Tucson 2010
  • Focus, focus, focus – that is what Interise helped me do. By focusing on our core competencies, targeting the right customers, and honing in on SMART business goals, I was able to fast track my business in the right direction and its working!”  Nicola A. Williams, The Williams Agency,  Boston 2009
  • “I really needed what the program offered as my company entered a rapid growth stage.  I will continue to use and apply what I have learned.” Royalyn Reid, Consumer & Market Insights, Dallas 2009
  • "My participation in the StreetWise 'MBA'™ program has been an invaluable investment helping me to grow my business to the next stage as well as helping me to grow as a leader. This program brings a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and business leaders together." Dr. Michael Kimble, Reactive Innovations, Lowell 2009
  • "Interise has provided the tools and fresh inspiration I need to scale my business. I immediately saw the value of the program." Tom Sioui, Slideways, Worcester 2007
  • “I didn’t have a network of people to draw from, and I felt isolated as a business owner. The StreetWise 'MBA™' program gave me the time to pick the brains of business professionals who really helped me and my company.”  Charlene Doherty, Shingle Eater, Inc., Worcester 2007
  • "We had a great dynamic in our group. Although we had a very wide range of businesses, we faced similar business challenges." Scott Baker, Skycom Courier, Boston 2007
  • “The StreetWise 'MBA’™ program took me ‘out of the woods’ and allowed me to spend quality time looking at the bigger picture. I realized that other entrepreneurs were out there facing similar challenges to me – I went from isolation to Interise.”  Glynn Lloyd, City Fresh Foods, Boston 2004