Our Impact

How are we doing?

Or more to the point: How are you doing?

Every year since 2004, we have used a set of social and economic indicators to evaluate our entrepreneurs across the country.

Are our small business owners seeing more money coming in the door? Are they hiring? Are the new jobs paying a competitive salary?

We use this data to evaluate our effectiveness promoting small businesses and energizing job creation in low- to mid-income communities. If our business owners are successful, we’re doing our job.

The results? In a challenging economic climate, we’re proud to say that our entrepreneurs continue to grow.

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"I donate to Interise and contribute my time as a volunteer because Interise champions a cause that I firmly believe in, one which makes this country so great: helping small business entrepreneurs in low income communities succeed."

Brendan McCorry, Ernst & Young, Interise donor and Private Sector Network Volunteer